Friday, May 28, 2010

Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery Q&A

Q: My dell inspiron 1525 laptop icon says:plugged, not charging.What can I do?
the charger light is on but the icon shows 16% available(plugged in, not charging)

A: I had an Inspiron with a similar problem... 1st check the dell inspiron 1525 battery isnt loose or anything, or it may just be your dell 1525 battery has died... otherwise mine did this because the power socket was broken and therefore not enough power was getting through... in which case it may need either a replacement socket or like with mine it may be the end of the laptops life! Of course it may be none of these but its what ive seen before.

Q: Dell Inspiron 1525 battery not charging, also detecting flash drive when not there?
I have an Inspiron 1525. I recently had the power cord replaced because my inspiron 1525 battery will not charge, and the blue light indicating the charge will not light up even though the icon on my computer acknowledges that it is plugged in. Even with the new cord, I can keep my computer running as long as it is plugged in at all times, but it still will not add charge.
Also, the icon for detected hardware (a flash drive) keeps popping up then disappearing at the bottom corner of my screen. It's driving me out of my mind. Since the charger port is next to the USB port on my laptop, could it be a circuitry issue? Has anyone else had this problem? Help!

A: Sounds like the motherboard might need replacing. I have a 1525 and have not experienced this issue, but motherboards and dell batteries can just "die". Call dell and tell them you want your mobo replaced. If you are firm with them they make you jump through a lot less hoops.

Q: Where to buy a cheap third-party dell inspiron 1525 battery pack?

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